Best Airbnb in Paris France – The balance between location, quality and cost


We’re lucky to be living in a time where we’re not just limited to living in hotels while traveling. Now you can cater your specific needs and find top quality accommodation for a great value price. You’ll notice throughout my travels I tend to lean towards Airbnb’s rather than hotels for the simple reason that I feel they’re better value. From my experience I’ve been able to find cheaper, better quality rooms for approx. half the price of a nearby hotel.

My Airbnb Choice in Paris

I picked a location that would be easy walking distance to The Louvre and Galleries Lafayette and used Uber for everything else.

Airbnb Cost: £90 per night plus cleaning / service fees (roughly ended £100 per night).

My review: The location was excellent as I previously scouted before I booked it. This place felt like it was in a relatively safe area and the interior was just as good as the images shown below. It was clearly an old building they had renovated but they did an excellent job. It had all the amenities I needed for a short stay and a small kitchen area that worked out well with the grocery store right next door. I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone and rate this 5 stars.

Advantages of Airbnb

  • Better value (bigger rooms and often more modern)
  • Usually good service if choose a highly rated host
  • Significantly cheaper per night and many offer discounts for long-term stays
  • Often great locations
  • Can message to negotiate with host for any needs before you book
  • Often includes a kitchen/ washer/ dryer

Disadvantages of Airbnb

  • Less amenities
  • Might not suit families (harder to socialize and less activities)
  • No room service
  • Usually no cleaning services

Remember, it takes time to find these hidden gems on Airbnb. I’ve found it’s always best to book months in advance (if possible) to make sure you get first dibs on a place; the longer you wait the fewer your choices. Make sure you filter it to your own requirements/ dates and regularly check through the results as more appear when cancellations and new listings happen. It probably took me 4 or 5 times of looking through on different times and short-listing the best ones to finally choose this one.

Tips: If you’re traveling on a budget, traveling long term, or even just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it might be a good idea to find an Airbnb with a kitchen. Depending on the country you’re traveling to, it can also get quite expensive eating out everyday so shopping at the local market and cooking at home might be a better option for you.

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