My visit to the Eiffel Tower in Paris


After visiting Paris for the first time in my life I couldn’t resist the chance to see the Eiffel Tower up close and take the lift to the very top. My first impressions were how remarkably large and mesmerizing it was from every angle! It truly felt like a dream peering up from below the way I had always imagined it. It was much taller than I thought it would be and was quite daunting staring up at it from right below. I decided to go at night instead of waiting in line with the crowds of people waiting to go on it in the morning. Unfortunately, it was raining quite a bit and it was a bitterly cold night, but that wasn’t enough to stop me from going all the way up. When I arrived I realized the section around it had been fenced around the whole perimeter of the monument, and there were small lines forming everywhere. It was confusing since there weren’t any signs in English that directed you where to buy the tickets, I had to ask one of the guards en Français where I could buy the tickets. I was directed towards the inside after going through a security check and followed people towards the ticket section. Buying the ticket was pretty self explanatory, you have a choice to go up to the 2nd platform or to the very top.

Eiffel Tower experience

It takes two separate lifts to go to the top and took approximately a few minutes in all. You can get out from the first stop and walk around that area; I only stayed there briefly and quickly took the next lift up to the top floor. I couldn’t believe how breathtaking the view was from the top floor, although I freezing at this point and there was a breeze of rain coming down on me I wanted to take a moment to take it all in. I walked around the whole floor and savored the moment up there, you could see the whole city and all the lights. I took endless amounts of pictures, and was fortunate also see the light show from the top. I finally went down to the second level after and just browsed around the gift shop. Although I didn’t get the chance to come during the day, it was still a beautiful experience and I will definitely be back during the day next time I’m in Paris.

In case you’re wondering where everyone takes all the iconic pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower, the place to go is Place du Trocadero and its located across from the Seine river, don’t forget to there at some point during your trip to take pictures!

Eiffel Tower restaurants

There are two main restaurants in the Eiffel Tower; both offer great quality French food for lunch or dinner accompanied by a beautiful view. It’s usually best to make reservations online for these in order to get easy access to the restaurant using the priority queue. Otherwise, without a reservation it’s subject to availability and you still have to wait in the long queue for the lift.

  • 58 Tour Eiffel (1st platform) – this restaurant offers gourmet lunch and dinner and has a selection of wines and champagne; its nice for a date on your first trip to the Eiffel Tower. 
  • Michelin-starred Jules Verne (2nd platform) – if you’re willing to shell out a bit more money for an exquisite once in a lifetime meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant, what better place to do it than at the Eiffel Tower. This restaurant also offers a Lunch and Dinner option and has scenic views of the city.

The Eiffel tower also offers a Champagne Bar (top floor) and a Macaroon Bar (2nd platform) so you can enjoy something sweet or something bubbly when you reach the top floor and see the spectacular views.

Eiffel Tower tickets

You have a few options when it comes to tickets. I choose the one straight to the very top at €25. Stairs option is also available at a cheaper cost and it only goes to the first platform, but unless you’re an athlete, or coming during the day with comfortable shoes I wouldn’t advise this option. I went on a cold, rainy day so the weather can also make it dangerous and hard to climb all 1710 steps. You can also purchase your tickets online on a number of sites, all offering different prices, some including a Host and different tours. Here’s a screenshot for you of the prices that are offered at location purchase.

Eiffel Tower Prices List via

Eiffel Tower transport

I had an Airbnb approx 15 minutes drive away so got an Uber to the tower for the cost of around €10. There’s different ways to get there depending on where in Paris you’re staying; you can take the metro, a bus, taxi, or an Uber. Prices will most likely depend on the time of the day, rush hour time is more expensive.

Enjoy your travels and stay safe! <3 Cristal

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