Norwegian Air Review LAX to Paris Premium


I started my journey at LAX in Los Angeles traveling to CDG Paris, France. I chose Norwegian Air as they’re good value and one of the only flights which offer a direct route into Paris. Starting the journey off in France was one of the cheapest options and conveniently Paris has been on my top places to see.

Getting to LAX

I live around an hour from LAX but happened to have a Hertz car rental running. I planned my flight departure the same day I was dropping the car off. This meant I could just drive to Hertz LAX, drop the car off and get the shuttle to the terminal. Very convenient!

AVOID rush hour in LA, it’s an absolute nightmare and will seriously affect arrival times. The worst time going into LA is the morning rush hours but it does also build up when the schools finish around 2/3pm and also when everyone is getting off work.

Norwegian Air Premium

I paid around £600 / $800 for a Premium one way ticket. I made sure to have my return ticket separately booked though incase customs had any questions for when I was returning. As a US citizen I can only visit most places in Europe for up to 90 days at a time without a specific visa.

Having premium gave me the following:

  • Fast-track Premium check-in with 2 free checked-in bags & 1 hand baggage
  • Access to the lounge
  • 3 course premium meal and breakfast / light evening meal
  • Complimentary drinks throughout the flight
  • A much more comfortable seat. 46 inches seat pitch compared to 31 inches in economy.

One negative I noticed was they didn’t provide any wifi which means it’s important to have EVERYTHING organized before you get on the plane. My phone was temperamental with the airport wifi once I landed and I didn’t want to incur the extortionate data roaming costs from my USA provider.

I would stick to the standard premium unless your circumstances are possible to change, for a bit extra you can then get the PremiumFlex ticket which allows for free changes and cancellations. The quality of the food really wasn’t bad for flight food standards. From what I could see they definitely put more effort in the premium meal and provided me with more food throughout and constant drink refills.

Overall it was a comfortable flight with enough space to sleep quite well. It’s obviously no first class but it was enough to get by and not feel crammed in and comfortable enough to sleep. Each seat had an individual in seat entertainment system which had enough shows and movies to keep you entertained throughout the flight; with the option to order snacks and duty free items to your seat. I landed in Paris and without any questions at all I was sent straight through customs into arrivals. Luckily for me customs check was quite quick as there weren’t long queues like I’ve experienced at other airports. Baggage took around 10-15 minutes to arrive. I then grabbed a taxi at the cost of around 50 euros to my AirBnB apartment near the Louvre.

In my opinion, for such a long flight premium is especially worth it for the legroom. Unless you go completely bare bones (ie. low luggage and no meals) the other alternative is LowFare+ which is around £300 less than premium. If you’re traveling on a budget and can handle traveling extremely light, it’s probably not a bad option to keep in mind. Overall I’d definitely travel again on Norwegian mostly because the service was good and its one of the few flights that offer non-stop from LAX to CDG.

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