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Don’t wait to retire to travel! My name is Cristal and I’m here to share my experiences (good and bad) while traveling to different parts of the world trying to point out all the small details everyone misses. Learn from my mistakes and success’s on how to travel in a Savvy and fulfilling way.

It’s too easy to keep delaying it. Make the time to travel, do it now.

Up until recently I hadn’t traveled much at all. Ever since I could remember I’ve always had the strong desire to travel, see new places, eat the local cuisine, and really just feel that whole experience of being somewhere new.  I felt like there was so much more to life than just complying with my routine life back in the states. My dream had always been to travel and now that I have the time to do it, I want to make it happen and share it with you. For me, experiencing brand new things is one of the most important things in life. I want to learn from my readers and have my readers learn from me with travel tips and sharing my opinions from my travel journey.

I must admit, I’m not much of a backpacker so most of what you’ll find here is how to travel far but comfortably within a reasonable budget. Of course, how you travel will depend how much money you’re willing to spend, but it is not limited to just money. Desire is the most important aspect of traveling, if you want it badly enough, you will make it happen.

What else will I be covering?

I have a passion for fashion, trying new food, keeping up with the latest beauty trends and photography. I’ll be sharing styles I see around the world and sharing a bit of my own personal style and bargains I find. I know I personally struggle to find great places to eat specially when I’m somewhere new so I’ll be reviewing new restaurants and any place worth trying! I absolutely love to photograph every beautiful place I see, any monument, event, or even food I eat so be sure to expect that here and on my Instagram.

Why did I call it LA to London?

I’m originally from LA and plan to eventually settle near London this year. This is the online diary of my journey aimed at helping you plan your travels from the good and the bad parts of my journey. Much of this will be a travel blog but I’ll also be blogging what I do in-between times as well.

I’m actually glad I’m starting off as a beginner in traveling as I can start blogging from nearly day 1 on my travels and do my best to take you along with me.

I’m looking to collaborate with like minded bloggers so don’t be afraid to contact me at [email protected]

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